Land Rover

Analytics and search campaigns for Land Rover

Comprehensive audit and analysis, Google Search campaigns, Google Display Network, copywriting.

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Project timeline

2020 - 2021


Land Rover

Project overview

As one of the most iconic British car manufacturers in history, Land Rover is known worldwide for its incredible four-wheel-drive vehicles. The company approached us to optimize and manage their Google Search and Google Display campaigns for specific markets. The request included to set up conversions in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

Project execution

Initially we have performed an audit of the previous Google Ad campaigns and analyzed the conversions. The client was interested in how many users look at tools like configurators, price lists and also how many of them order a test drive.

After analysis, we found out that lots of duplicate keywords and many broad terms were used in their Google Search campaigns. After rewriting their texts and tag lines, the campaign’s impression share improved by 18%. We also had to change the attribution model to ‘’time decay’’, as their chosen attribution model was ‘’last click’.


After reviewing and updating the campaigns, our client saw an overall increase of conversions for several car models. The ‘’Ranger Rover’’ model achieved up to 23% more conversions compared to last year. The set-up of Google Analytics brought our client a deeper insight into customer interaction.

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