La Piazza

Brand identity design for an Italian fine-dining restaurant

Creation of a hand-written logo and brand design, highlighting the artisanal kitchen of the client.

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Project timeline

2020 - 2021


La Piazza

Project overview

Our client approached us to design the brand identity for a newly-opened Italian restaurant in the heart of Bratislava. In the first step of the process we visited our client’s restaurant to understand the atmosphere, target group, competition and menu. The street where the restaurant is located houses various international fine-dining restaurants, which means there is a lot of competing restaurants with attractive brand and interior design.

Our aim was to match the restaurant’s motto, which states that La Piazza is a ‘’wonderful restaurant specializing in Roman trattoria of the highest quality at a reasonable price.’’

The final product was an elegant, hand-written brand design, highlighting the artisanal kitchen of our client. The restaurant has become popular among customers, whether by tourists or residents of the city.

Project execution


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