Optimized Google My Business, resulting in increased foot traffic

Optimized GMB and citations propelled Konn Burger's local visibility, increasing foot traffic.

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Project timeline



Project overview

Konn Burger Restaurant, a popular local eatery, sought to enhance its online presence and attract more customers to enjoy its delectable burger offerings. Recognizing the influence of online platforms, the focus was placed on optimizing Google My Business (GMB) and building citations to improve local search visibility.

Project execution

GMB Optimization:

  • Conducted a thorough audit of Konn's existing GMB profile.
  • Updated business information, including accurate location, contact details, and operating hours.
  • Crafted engaging and keyword-rich business descriptions to highlight Konn's unique selling points.
  • Regularly updated photos to showcase the restaurant's ambiance and mouthwatering burger selections.

Citation Building:

  • Identified and built consistent business citations across relevant online directories, ensuring accuracy and uniformity of business information.
  • Focused on local directories and platforms, enhancing Konn's visibility within the community.
  • Emphasized burger-related keywords in business descriptions and categories to align with customer search queries.


  • Collaborated with Konn's team to gather high-quality visuals and compelling content for GMB and citation listings.
  • Monitored customer reviews and promptly responded to feedback on GMB, fostering a positive online reputation.


Increased Visibility:

  • GMB optimization led to a noticeable improvement in Konn's local search rankings.
  • Citations strengthened the restaurant's online presence, making it more easily discoverable in local searches.

Enhanced Click-Through Rates:

  • Engaging visuals and well-crafted GMB content contributed to higher click-through rates from potential customers.

Boosted Foot Traffic:

  • The combined efforts of GMB optimization and citation building resulted in a increase in the number of visitors to GMB and also Konn Burger Restaurant by 15 %.

Positive Customer Engagement:

  • Improved online reviews and active customer engagement on GMB contributed to a more positive perception of Konn within the local community.

Through strategic GMB optimization and citation building, our collaborative efforts with Konn Burger Restaurant successfully elevated its online visibility, attracting more visitors and enhancing the overall customer experience. The increased foot traffic not only positively impacted the restaurant's revenue but also solidified its position as a go-to destination for burger enthusiasts in the local community.

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