Bratislava Motor Show

Content creation at the greatest car show in Central Europe

Content creation at the greatest car show in Central Europe.

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Motor Show

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The automotive industry has a strong tradition in Slovakia and became the most important sector and driving force of the Slovak economy. Over the past 20 years it has been an important source of foreign direct investment as well as industrial innovation. Slovakia belongs to the 20 biggest car producers in the world with an annual production of more than one million cars per year. Taking into consideration the number of inhabitants, Slovakia is by far the global leader in car production per capita, with 229 cars produced per 1000 inhabitants in 2020, according to SARIO, the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency.

The most anticipated new car models with innovative technologies and design were on display at the Incheba Exhibition Centre. The event presented the latest and greatest from the automotive industry – from small city cars and SUVs to hyper cars.

A flying car, e-mobility and 60 new models have been premiered at the 2019 motor show in Bratislava. Fifty car brands, including the luxurious Rolls Royce Cullinan and Lamborghini Urus, were on display at the greatest car show in Central Europe.

ZHERO was proud content marketing partner of this event in 2019.

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