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How we increased the sign up rate by 118% for a Solar industry company

Performance campaign, Google analytics, SEO improvement, LinkedIn ads.

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Project timeline

2021 - 2022

Project overview

For more than 13 years Solar Company has been a reliable partner for large-scale photovoltaic projects in Europe, Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam, with over 300 finished projects with a total capacity of more than 1000 Megawatts. Solar Company approached us to help with the expansion to the German market. The client operates mainly in Central Europe and partially in other parts of the world, where it already has its client base, but fails to reach a higher number of customers in Germany, which seems an interesting market for expansion.

Project execution

First of all, we proposed to start with a Google Search campaign and a LinkedIn lead form. Before we started with the implementation of our strategy, conversions had to be set up in Google analytics. For conversions we selected filling out a form and clicking on the company's phone number. In addition to these conversions, we set up a few events, to have a better understanding what users do on the website. The data from the campaigns were collected from Google Analytics 4, which we linked to Big Query (zero data sampling). Bidding was set to tCPA (target cost per acquisition).


In a few days, we saw the first conversions happening. We turned off LinkedIn, as it had a higher cost per conversion of up to 832% compared to Google Search ads. We fully focused on Google ads, as it brought better conversions. Solar Company increased its number of customers by 232%. In 2021 and 2022 the company experienced a record sales growth.

ZHERO is proud marketing partner of Solar Company since 2021. Its’ CEO Maroš Chovan ranked 2nd in the‘’TOP 10 CEO index’’ in the Slovak Republic in October 2022, according to total media value.

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