Solar Company

Increase in organic traffic and conversion rate for Solar Company

Comprehensive SEO audit, keyword analysis, blog creation, website redesign.

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Project timeline

2021 - 2023

Project overview

Solar Company is an independent solar photovoltaics mounting company, with a proven track record of almost 300 projects all over the world. The solar power industry has been growing exponentially in the past years and will continue to grow, due to the ongoing energy crisis in Europe and in the world. The energy policy of the European Union focuses primarily on green electricity, creating an increased demand for solar power.

Project execution

The client briefed us during the onboarding process, that their company website has been neglected and has not provided any considerable traffic or results. We tasked our UI/UX and SEO marketing team to create a strategy to increase organic traffic as well as the conversion rate. The conversion rate - based on completed forms - was way below average, compared to similar companies operating in this industry.

After performing a comprehensive SEO audit, we found duplicate subpages, lacking meta tags and discovered several missing and incorrectly set elements. We redesigned the website and identified new opportunities for the client. For an organic increase of traffic a news blog was created with relevant industry topics based on keyword analysis.


After six months, the client noticed an increase in organic traffic and a better conversion rate. A year later organic traffic increased by 435% and the conversion rate increased by 83%. The total number of completed forms increased by 633%.

Currently we provide the client with both online and offline marketing strategies, including paid advertising, SEO optimisation, copywriting and graphics design. The company continues to expand its large-scale photovoltaic projects in Europe, Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam.

ZHERO is proud marketing partner of Solar Company since 2021. Its’ CEO Maroš Chovan ranked 2nd in the‘’TOP 10 CEO index’’ in the Slovak Republic in October 2022, according to total media value.

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