How we improved the Google ranking for a leading insurance company

Comprehensive analysis, search engine optimization, blog creation, PR, link building, backlinks.

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Project timeline

2020 - 2021



Project overview

The Uniqa Insurance Group is one of the largest insurance groups in its core markets of Austria and Central and Eastern Europe and has approximately 40 companies in 22 countries and serve about 10.5 million customers.

Despite the fact, that the online playground wasn’t among the priorities of the company for years, it has now become one of the core strategies to gain and retain clients. Our client tasked us to optimize their browsers for transactional keywords, to increase their Google ranking.

Project execution

One of the most effective ways to achieve an increase in Google’s ranking is by page optimization and backlinks. It's not the quantity that matters, but rather the quality, when it comes to backlinks. That’s why we focused on backlinks from high-quality and high-traffic websites. We continued the optimization process by creating and placing consistent PR and blog articles in popular lifestyle and news websites.


We managed to increase organic traffic by 23%, while working together for more than a year. The conversion rate increased by 8% and profits from organic traffic increased by almost 25% in one year. Search engine optimization is a time-consuming process and results are visible after 6-12 months of consistent efforts, depending on how competitive the market is.

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